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The Always Happy Machine

Installation, Spekulativ Art

A paradox in itself. A machine equipped with a feeling that was previously reserved only for biological beings. But never as a condition that lasts forever and without interruption.
The „always happy machine“ is a speculative product, which can currently only be understood as a speculative design. Perhaps in the future there will be machines that will make it possible for themselves to permanently sense the feeling of happiness in their existence.

The strive for intangible happiness has so far been reserved only for human beings. It seems to be a cultural behavior that has always been there. One can well say that this is also the motor of society. It is the motivation why people get up every day and go out for their daily tasks. To obtain a piece of that feeling of happiness. But it seems impossible to be happy all your life. It is a relative and temporary feeling.

But what if an object like a machine experiences this feeling permanently?
And how does this affect people? Would we be fascinated or even envious of it?

During a psychological test in 1950, conducted by James Olds, rats showed interesting behavior. The rats were able to stimulate their own brain region responsible for the feeling of happiness by pressing a button and they kept pressing the button continuously. Until they almost died of thirst, hunger and exhaustion. All that counted for them anymore was the feeling of happiness. Would we as humans accept death for lasting happiness?
These are questions that a machine in this state might have to ask itself.

The machine has the appearance of an infinite circle and a yellow, permanently luminous pulsating abstract laughing mouth. The yellow light represents cheerfulness, optimism and enlightenment.

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