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Forest Breath

Forest Breath is an app concept where the healing effect of the forest is treated. This healing effect is brought closer to people with the help of this digital product. It aims to help people feel better and live healthier through the power of the forest. The focus of this project is to facilitate people to find healing tree terpenes in their environment. In addition, the product is designed to help overcome the lack of motivation to go to the forest. This mobile application also provides breathing exercises to absorb the healthy terpenes. In addition, the app connects users with nature and each other.

The concept and design are by Johanna Rummel. The user structure and the design was created based on UX research. 

Healing Effects of Forest


Forest air strengthens our health and vitality through a biochemical cocktail in the air. The volatile terpenes, the oxygen, the negatively charged ions and the bacterium Mycobacterium Vaccae, create a healing mixture for humans. Terpenes form the main part of the healing ingredients in the air. They strengthen the immune system, prevent inflammation, increase the number of killer cells against cancer and support anti-cancer proteins.


Terpenes are a large group of natural, oily and aromatic hydrocarbon compounds. They are so small that it is almost impossible to make them visible. They are found in leaves, flowers, resin, fruits and roots. From there they emit the characteristic odour of a plant. Terpenes are used for communication between plants and insects. Worldwide 2000 of these „tree words“ have already been discovered.


Scope of Work

The basis of the project was a research to specifically implement a suitable product. From this research an adequate design was developed.

Scope of Work 2.jpg

User Structure

In order to create a user interface that is as easy to use as possible, a Detealized User Architecture was created. Here you can see a simplified representation.

User Structur.jpg
splash screen.jpg

Splash Screen

The launch of the app is initiated with an animation. The animation is intended to stimulate the flow on relaxation, well-being and breathing.

Atmen Animation.jpg

Individual Breathing

The user can set the breathing exercise individually. When being started the exercise is guided with an animation.

The animation is intended to calm and at the same time motivate the user to perform the exercise.

Terpene Suche.jpg

Way to Terpens

The user can find terpens nearby.
Trees with many terpens are marked on a map. There is an option to navigate to these trees.

Atmen Übersicht.jpg


In order to absorb the healthy forest air there is an offer of different breathing techniques. Every month a new breathing exercises is uploaded. These breathing exercises are performed by specialists of physiotherapy, yoga, Quigon and other fields of expertise.



The user can get more detailed information about the following topics: healthy forest terpens, building personal motivation, proper breathing and safety precautions in the forest.



There is also a possibility to connect with other users. Through messages, groups and events an exchange is created. This should also motivate the user to go more often into the forest.

all screens.jpg

Visual User Interface

The visual user interface was composed of various elements.
The user interface should be as comprehensible as possible and used in a way that is consistent and fulfills the objectives of the project.



In order to include a reference to terpenes in the design, certain diagrams were used from research that investigate terpenes. These diagrams are called HH correlations and are used in two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. In this process, the surface of molecules is investigated.

Due to their symmetrical and organic appearance, the shapes have a look that fits well with the representation of respiration. With their formal language, they have a particularly balanced effect.



An important part of the app are also the icons for the graphical user interface, to be able to use the buttons correctly. The icons are graphically represented with lines and have rounded corners. The lines are supposed to be based on the other graphics in the app. The roundings are meant to convey the feeling of roundness and softness.  


Color Palette

The chosen colors have a good contrast in combination to be readable or recognizable. The colors should not only be used for the logo, but also as a whole with the app. Thus, they should radiate freshness and naturalness above all. To convey this, two basic shades of green are chosen. On the one hand, this is a light green with a color tendency into brown. This is to suggest earthiness and warmth. Secondly, a dark green with a color tendency into blue is selected to suggest freshness and purity. To create an even more diverse color selection for the design, the two basic colors are divided into finer color gradations based on brightness. 


In the typography of the logo, certain keywords are chosen to determine the Viuselle effect of the font. The most important keywords are calm, balance and nature. Since the font should also function as a web application in the area of inclusion, the web font "Capriola" was chosen.  It is clear and concise, but still visually reflects the keywords. For the slogan "Source of Healing" the inclusive web font "Raleway" was chosen. It has a round and soft design language and thus also fits well with the keywords. "Raleway" is also the main font for the app user interface.


The logo combines many symbols at the same time. On the one hand, the graphic shows an abstract forest skyline. But at the same time it has the form of a dynamic movement, reminiscent of a breathing motion. In this form, there are also three smaller circles that represent the terpenes. These three circles are graphically placed as if the forest skyline is secreting them. However, the terpenes are also simultaneously drawn in by the dynamic breathing movement. The two-dimensional logo is constructed only from round circles. The circles have proportions derived from the calculation of the golden section. The round shapes convey gentleness and balance.


Final Prototype

From the research and the design concept the final click prototype was created. The Adobe XD program was used for this.

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