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Rundgang 2019
UdK Berlin

Artistic Branding

The design concept "Paradigm Shift" by Johanna Rummel was implemented in 2019 for the Rundgang of the Berlin University of the Arts. With her submitted poster "Paradigm Shift" she obtained the contract to implement the holistic design of the Rundgang. A corporate design consisting of print and digital products was created. In addition, articles for the UdK store and advertising for the three-day event were created. 

Meaning of Design

One point of view with many different meanings. Any given moment can reveal several concrete opinions – or only one or even none at all. The paradigm should be viewed again and again, since it constantly changes. It changes with time and space and, at the same time, along an array of directions and positions that have never before been discovered. At UdK Berlin’s Rundgang, student works inspire new points of view among the attendees. These guests become part of the experiment by changing their perspectives– both physically and mentally. They approach various locations simultaneously and inevitably bump into each other. The Rungang: an experiment in paradigms.

Translation: Timothy McKeon

About the Design:

The key visual of flowing colors was created with analog techniques. It was captured on film as well as photographically. The shots of the key visual are the hero of the design and can be found on all Rundgang products. 
Gilroy, an easy-to-read and geometric typeface, was used as the design typography for the key visual. 

Art Direction: Johanna Rummel
Photo: Attila Hartwig, Johanna Rummel, Gosia Warrink
Director of Photography / Film: Claudia Malecka 
Art Direction Film: Johanna Rummel
Postproduction: Johanna Rummel
Text: Sonja Knecht, Johanna Rummel

Rundgang 2019 Film


Some of the outdoor advertising and social media promotion consisted of posters, banners, and films. The films were shown in social media and on screens in the university.
A moving LED cube was used in the city of Berlin, which played the film on all of its sides. 

Store Products

These included products for the UdK store, which visitors of the Rundgang could purchase. Among other things, bags, T-shirts, postcards and a longboard were offered. 

Program Booklet

A program booklet was also developed for the three-day tour. It provided visitors with information about all the offerings of the Rundgang.  


The Rundgang design of Johanna Rummel was created as part of the class Design for Business and Advertising. The class was held and supervised by Gosia Warrink. Johanna Rummel developed the key visual by deforming Plexiglas and applying colors to it in a targeted manner. It was photographed and filmed with a green screen in the background. The product photographer Attila Hartwig shot the key visual for the poster together with Gosia Warrink and Johanna Rummel. Filmmaker Claudia Malecka shot the moving image. The film was shot in Raw at 120 frames per second with a RED Epic Dragon. When editing the images, the key visual with a black background was highlighted by bright colors.

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